Charitable Projects Supported by AWC

Among the organizations that receive the AWC’s assistance are the following:

ASION, which helps children with cancer and their families, by providing places to stay and many other services.

ACOGEM, which helps marginalized people, by providing food, clothing, classes and job-search help.

ALBERGUE SANTA MARIA DE LA PAZ, a residence serving middle-aged alcoholic men until retirement age through different classes and activities.

COMEDOR SOCIAL SAN SIMON DE ROJAS, a soup kitchen in Móstoles providing over 400 breakfasts a day, clothing, and other food donations to the underprivileged.

COMEDOR SOCIAL VENTAS, a soup kitchen in the Ventas/La Elipa area providing hot meals daily to over 60 people, as well as support services.

FRAY DAMIAN COLL, who provides summer camp and weekly activities for underprivileged children in Vallecas, as well as support to their families.

FUNDACION PRODIS, an organization that assists people with intellectual disabilities.